Contacted Security

As suggested in my last post, I decided to contact Airport Security via email as I had tried ‘phoning but to no avail. No contact given for this, so tried the general feedback form just saying I wanted to contact security.

After a week I got a reply from a “Customer Contact Centre Agent” asking for more information. I attached my consultants letter and gave her the details, with an explanation on how I was trying to keep the liquids to a minimum. After another week I got a reply saying this was acceptable. I think I have now done everything I can in advance. I think it will be difficult to make the same contact with Cyprus for the return journey. I don’t expect problems in arrival and for the return journey I won’t need to take a stock of drinks as I have some at home.

I now will just wait for the flight in October. The moral so far is to plan well ahead and to make as many contacts as possible

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  1. Elaine Dennis says:

    I recently flew to Jersey,from Southend. I took quite a few caphosol mouth rinses.
    These were in hand luggage, therefore when they went through scanner, they showed up (this happened twice)! The staff were quite happy to put them in a plastic bag and return to hand luggage.
    No problem on the way back through Southampton Airport.

    “Have a good time in Cyprus”

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