Doctors Letter

Still trying to get a letter from my doctor. Originally tried on 7th June, had to put request in surgery letterbox as reception was closed. Tried hospital on 18th June and GP again on 25th June. This time reception was open, and they phoned back to say it would cost £15 for a private letter. Notice in reception said it would take up to one month to write a letter, so I suppose I have to be patient. I just wonder if this sort of delay would be acceptable in a business. The moral is to plan way ahead.

Tried my PINNT Restaurant Card for the first time last week. I suppose I was pushing my luck as it was in an Italian Restaurant in Wales. The waiter seemed puzzled and took the card away to show the manager. He came back to say they could not give me a smaller portion, but I noticed there was a reduction on the final bill. I asked for the pasta to be well cooked and soft, and it was delicious.


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