Flying with Fortisips

My family have persuaded me to come to Cyprus with them in October and this is the first time I have flown any distance since my operation. I had a nasal tumour which led to the removal of part of the roof of my mouth and most of my teeth. I wear a special dental plate called an obturator which fills up the hole, but it does mean that I am very limited in the food I can eat and have to rely on special nutritional drinks.  This poses a major problem trying to pass through customs. This blog will document my experiences.

The first job is to try and get as much information as possible. I contacted a help group called PINNT  who support patients on liquid feeds. They produce a series of leaflets including “Holiday Guidelines” which is a 24 page leaflet on travelling. PINNT is principally aimed at patients who have to rely on PEG or NG tubes, but I no longer have to do this. I suspect I would have more sympathy from the authorities if I had a wheel chair and loads of tubes sticking out of me, but I am fortunate in having a normal appearance, although this does not make the problems of eating any easier.

Talking to my dietician, it seems the safest method is to take the feed with me on the aircraft. I have my feed delivered to my home, but they are reluctant to deliver to overseas destinations. Apparently there are tales of some countries demanding a fee before they will release the package. To take it on board I will need a letter from my GP and that is my next task.

Has anyone out there had experience of flying with liquid feed?


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