Message Oct 2018 from Jayne

Support group dates for next year are as follows: 17th February, 16th April, 18th June, 20th August, 15th October and 17th December.

Thanks to Sue Merrick for coming to the October meeting to discuss issues regarding diet and nutrition. It was a shame that the attendance was a little sparse, but we understand that folks have other commitments.

Another year is nearly over; we plan  to have a bit of a Christmas party on the 18h of December and a general chit chat, and I hope folks can be free to  come.

I will organise some raffle prizes so if folks bring any loose change monies will go to the support group.

If we can put in the new dates for next year, and I have arranged already for some new leaflets.

Are people finding the dates and times agreeable?

Does anyone want any special topics discussed or any special guests ( within reason; don’t  think we will get Take That, Rod Stewart or anyone ) but should be able to get: Macmillan welfare SALT  etc 🙂

Jayne Tipper CNS x

Please email to reply to Jayne’s questions.

Macmillan to run Healthy Lifestyle Event in Tettenhall on 21st November

Click on link to see details     HWB-EVENT-FLYERS-21ST-NOVEMBER-2018

The event is free, but it may be better if you can use the link to register. Register

Five Year Cancer Strategy Published

The NHS has published its Cancer Strategy.  Cancer Strategy

Heads Up links up with Plymouth Regional H&N Support Group

We have agreed to share ideas with Plymouth who have a Facebook Page and an excellent Newsletter

As part of this link up, Plymouth has kindly sent a sample Boogie Board

This is a device to help patients who have a problem speaking. They can quickly write then delete messages on a tablet. The hospital has purchased four tablets thanks to donations.

Fund Raising

If anyone wishes to donate to Heads Up, we now have our own bank account, and a Paypal donation page Donations  (Click “Donate” button at bottom of page).

If anyone wishes to raise funds for the Hospital, can they please follow the following procedure:- 

Should any Maxillo-facial patient want to make a donation to the department they will need to make the cheque out to the Maxillo-facial Trust fund. If they send cheques to Mrs Lorayne Johnson , Head and Neck Directorate PA. She will ensure it is put in the correct Trust fund. 

Any ENT patients wishing to donate to ENT, again if they make a cheque out to the Ear, Nose and Throat Trust Fund , Lorayne will process this.