Five Year Cancer Strategy Published

The NHS has published its Cancer Strategy.  Cancer Strategy

Heads Up links up with Plymouth Regional H&N Support Group

We have agreed to share ideas with Plymouth who have a Facebook Page and an excellent Newsletter

Heads Up wins award from Mouth Cancer Foundation

Card Front

Card Front

The group has won a Silver Award for £1000 for the production of Restaurant Cards. This idea was adapted from a similar card from PINNT  and is intended for patients to get soft food with plenty of sauce.

Robin Comley the lead patient said ” I am  delighted to   have won this prize

Card Back

Card Back

for two reasons. Firstly because the problems of Mouth Cancer Patients in living a normal life are not well known, and I have had a mixed response in getting restaurants to assist with suitably adapting their meals. Secondly, the provision of support is not widely advertised and because it is a relatively rare form of Cancer, patients can feel isolated and alone after treatment. I intend to use the cheque to produce a professionally printed card which I also hope to make available to neighbouring groups.”

He is in the process of contacting other hospitals in the West Midlands to see if they wish to take advantage of this facility.

Fund Raising

If anyone wishes to raise funds for the hospital, can they please follow the following procedure:- 

Should any Maxillo-facial patient want to make a donation to the department they will need to make the cheque out to the Maxillo-facial Trust fund. If they send cheques to Mrs Lorayne Johnson , Head and Neck Directorate PA. She will ensure it is put in the correct Trust fund. 

Any ENT patients wishing to donate to ENT, again if they make a cheque out to the Ear, Nose and Throat Trust Fund , Lorayne will process this. 

For the Heads up group as we do not have regular donations we cannot have a Trust fund  specifically for this.  Therefore if they make a cheque out to Maxillo facial Trust fund but identify in a letter that they wish the funds to be utilised in the Heads up group we will be able to use the monies for the group .

Meeting Location Reverts back to Long Knowle

The refurbishment of the Long Knowle library is now complete, so we have gone back to our old location.  (see our meetings page).