Fund Raising – Marathon

The group is raising funds for the publication of a booklet similar to one made by the Blackpool Group, but tailored for Wolverhampton. See Swallows Single Pages  .

This is very helpful for patients who wish to live well after cancer.

We are very pleased to say the Mark Sinclair, a friend of one of our members, has run for us dressed as “The Grinch” in the Wolverhampton & Birmingham marathons.

Mark ran in the wind and rain, and Michelle and friends have raised £113 which has been safely deposited in the Group’s bank account. Thanks to all of you. Click link for Pics. Wolverhampton Marathon

The group has also managed to raise £50 themselves, so we are also hoping to purchase four “Boogie Boards” to help patients who have a problem speaking, especially immediately after surgery.

To this end, we are setting up a donations Page with PayPal.  Click on the Donate button below to go to the group’s PayPal page