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Robin (Webmaster)

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  1. Mick Lindenbergh says:

    Very nice Robin well done.

    • dawn says:

      Very well done Robin Jayne and i love it. Thank you so much for all your hard work. We have started advising the use of bioXtra gel for dry mouth as some patients have found biotene gel a little difficult to obtain. Also the use of sodium fluoride mouth wash Fluori Gard. Both products are available on presrciption. Hope everyone likes the new site as much as we do. Have a good weekend all, we will see you at next meeting. Love and best wishes Dawn and Jayne

  2. Bill Caffrey says:

    Revamped website looks great. More comprehensive and user friendly.
    It was great to meet some new members at the joint meeting last Tuesday. They seem to have developed a postive attitude and an excellent patient to patient relationship.
    The primary objective of the joint meeting is to exchange information relevant to the improvement of the recovery of the patients. Because of time constaints this, in the main, did not happen. At least an hour during each meeting should be set aside for this purpose, and the talk etc limited accordingly.
    I did, however manage to have a brief conversation with a couple of new members.
    I am not convinced of the value, to the joint meeting, of explanation of the inner workings of the N.H.S., and the relationship of the various network groups.
    I hope that you find my comments of use.
    Looking forward to meeting you all again soon.
    Bill & Gaynor Caffrey

    • I fully agree with you Bill, unless we have a speaker we should spend as much
      time as possible interacting with each other, I feel it far more useful for everyone. I do not think there is any value to the joint meeting, of a explanation of the inner workings of the N.H.S. as we have had or are in the middle treatment, it’s of no use at all

  3. Bill Caffrey says:

    I visited my dentist recently to have a wisdom tooth filled. Externally, the tooth
    appeared to be sound, but the enamel had broken away on the gum line. My dentist decided to extract the tooth because it was in the upper jaw, and only a single root.
    On examination the inside of the tooth, including the root, was very soft and could have become very painful.
    The weakening of the enamel was caused by the lack of saliva due to my dry mouth condition. My dentist has prescribe Colgate Duraphat 5000ppm Flouride Toothpaste, to be used twice daily.
    This product has a very high flouride content(5000ppm), the norm is approximately 450ppm.
    To improve my dry mouth condition I use Boots Expert Dry Mouth Spray. It is packaged in a 50ml spray bottle and can be found in the mouthwash section of Boots stores. The price is approx £2.50 per bottle.
    For me it has been a life saver.
    Bill Caffrey

  4. Bill Caffrey says:

    I read with the interest the report by Tim Spiers in the March 2 2013 addition of the Express and Star. The article was about the results of a survey on the way cancer patients are treated by the Staff at New Cross Hospital. Mr David Loughton, Chief Executive, described the survey results as ” pretty appauling stuff and it needs to be sorted”
    Well, I for one do not agree with Mr Loughton.
    Since my first appointment at New Cross in May 2009, I have been treated by a considerable number of extremely professional Consutlants, Doctors, Specialist Nurses, Dietitians, Speech Therapists, nurses and support staff etc.
    At every stage I have been treated will the greatest respect and kept fully informed of my progress. Any follow up treatment necessary has been arranged without delay.
    Any system can be improved with the passage of time and benefit of hindsight.
    Without the efforts of this group of people, I would not be alive today, and for that I and my family will be eternally grateful.
    The fact whether I was called William or Bill is immaterial. As it happens, I was asked my preference.
    It seems to be the fashion these days, following the problems at Stafford Hospital, to “Kick ” the N.H.S. and criticise the staff.
    Lets give them our thanks and support instead.
    Bill Caffrey

    • i had my operation last year 1212 for cancer of the mouth, from day one on attending the maxillo facial clinic the consultant and all his team treated me with great respect and made me feel at ease. through out my stay in hospital after my operation all of the nursing staff and all of the doctors made me comfortable and tended all my medical needs i couldnt have been treated any better than the royal family. when i came out of hospital there were times i got frigtened and scared with things that i thought was going on inside my mouth ,i phoned the clinic and spoken to the mcmillan nurses and they would see me the same day also arrange for my consultant to see me as well . i cant stress enough the hard work all the cancer team do at newcross hospital also the staff in the deansley centre .i owe my life to them all .
      margaret perry.

  5. Bill Caffrey says:

    Dave was asking about the ultra soft post surgery (Red) tooth brushes supplied by New Cross. I obtained 5 brushes, that was the minimum order, from
    Dent. O. Care Ltd., 7 Cygnus Business Centre, Dalmeyer Road, London NW10 2XA
    Tele. 020 8459 7550
    Web: Email:
    Item Ref. DC120. The price in 2009 was £2.60 plus V.A.T.
    I hope that this info is of use.
    I have a spare catalogue and can bring it to our next meeting if needsbe.
    Bill Caffrey

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