In this section we put forward a few ideas that patients have used to make life easier.


I use “Readybrek” for breakfast as it goes down easily. I put in plenty of milk so it is liquid and I rotate the three flavours Plain, Honey and Chocolate so I don’t get fed up. Robin

Try and experiment with different foods to see what you can manage e.g. I found I can manage crisps because they scrunch up in my mouth. Robin

Dry Mouth/Throat

I have found Rowse MANUKA 10+ Honey Helps my dry/sore throat, I take it app 25g in warm water as it suggests on the jar. It is a little expensive at £9.00 a jar but it helps. I get it from J Sainsbury. Mike

There is a company supplying special drinks for dysphagia (problems with swallowing). I am not aware of anyone who has tried these, but please contact me if you have. Click  for more information.


Radiotherapy can sometimes affect your Eustachian Tubes of your inner ear giving you “glue ear” much like you get when taking off in an aircraft. This should clear on its own, but can be a considerable problem if both ears are affected. One temporary solution is some free special software that turns your smartphone into a hearing aid. You of course have to wear earpieces, but many teenagers go around listening to music so you should not be self-conscious. The programme puts eight tones of increasing frequency into each ear, simulating a hearing test. It then sets up the device to your profile. Look for Petralex in your Apple or Android store, or go to on your browser. Robin


I put my “red toothbrush” in Sterident overnight to keep it clean. Robin

The ultra soft post surgery (Red) tooth brushes supplied by New Cross. I obtained 5 brushes, that was the minimum order, from Dent. O. Care Ltd., 7 Cygnus Business Centre, Dalmeyer Road, London NW10 2XA Tele. 020 8459 7550 Web:  Email: Item Ref. DC120.  The price in 2009 was £2.60 plus V.A.T. Bill

I have now found a retailer for the “lollipop” pink mouth swabs, Mid Meds
Although the item I ordered is not on the page – Ref MD120909 cost £78.23 inc P&P and VAT. It looks as  if you can order smaller quantities, but I have not tried this. Robin


You can take jars of Fortisip on board a plane if you have the right letter from the hospital. However be sure you separate out your other items such as Corsodyl into a clear plastic bag so you don’t get into trouble. Robin – See also Blog Page