Expert Tips

The group has been going since January 2010, and we have had a number of speakers giving us helpful information. I have split this down into a number of different categories.


Dawn Dawson & Lisa Harris, Head & Neck Cancers and their treatment.

Dawn Dawson, Fatigue & Exercises

Robin, External Representation & Cancer Biology Course

Speech Therapy

Carol Glaister – Communication after Head & Neck Cancer & Linzie Priestall, Speech Therapist at Russells Hall Hospital. Communication after Head & Neck Cancer

Louise Brodrick, Speech & Language Therapist – Caring for your voice and effects on swallowing after head & neck treatment.
Download Handouts :-
PDF Document “How we swallow” Click on link to download. swallowing

Carol Glaister –Exercises to Improve Swallowing

Louise Brodrick, Speech & Language Therapist – Relaxation Techniques. Louise has provided a link to a useful web page

Dry Mouth

In 2018 Jayne gave us some tips in keeping our mouth moist.
Click on link to access. Dry Mouth

A company called A.S Saliva Orthana gave us details of their products for treating a dry mouth. Dry Mouth Leaflet and where to spray Where to Spray For a link to their website go to


Food & Drink

Sue Merrick, Dietician – Fortisip & other Recipes

Sue Merrick, Dietician and Michelle Evans, Nutricia Nurse. Michelle has given me a number of recipe books for fortisiprecipesFortijuce recipe booklet and a oral nutritional supplement recipe ideas.


Dr Yvonne Lewis, Clinical Psychologist – Coping with the emotions

Alison Littleford, The Cedars Education Centre, Coping with Crises

Dr Yvonne Lewis, Clinic Psychologist had a group discussion on members concerns especially when undergoing radiotherapy using a mask. She talked about ways to reduce anxiety with reference to a self-help website

Macmillan/External Info

Hilary Waite, Macmillian Support and Information Centre

Cancer Advocacy and Support Project :-
This is a project between Macmillan & the Beth Johnson Foundation and is for anyone aged 50 or over who has been affected with cancer. The aim is to resolve any issues or difficulties, cancer related or not, to ultimately improve your quality of life. They are also looking for volunteers to support the project.
For more details click on the link beth johnson for a pdf file.

Lorraine Mason, Macmillan Benefits Advisor. Benefits for people affected by cancer.

Linda Turner, Macmillan Outreach based in Wolverhampton Central Library. Linda was running a new course for people living with Cancer. For details click here

Pat Roberts, Patient Advisory Cancer Team (PACT)

Carol & Dawn,  Patient Information Prescriptions

Dental Services

If you live in Wolverhampton, you may qualify for special service which includes knowledge of Obturators. Click Dental Leaflet for details

If you are worried about treatment, there is an “Anxiety Management” service. Dental Anxiety


Stacy Pugh, Lymphoedema Support – Lymphoedema Traetment including Laser Therapy which can also be used to ease movement.