Coping with Crisis

Some suggestions for coping with crises and distressing emotions:

  • Do something different (to what you normally do)
  • Pause, take a breath
  • Focus your attention fully on another activity
  • Relaxation techniques .- try lots and find one that works for you
  • Put on some music.- sing and dance along, or just listen attentively (use music that is likely to help you feel your desired emotion – avoid sad songs if you’re depressed
  • Meditation .or Prayer if that appeals to you
  • Be with others – contact a friend, visit family
  • Talk to someone
  • Grounding techniques – look around you, what do you see, hear, smell, sense? Hold a comforting object.
  • Physical exercise if you can manage this – stretch, walk, swim,
  • Engage in a hobby or other interest – if you don’t have one, try to find one. What have you enjoyed in the past? What have you sometimes thought about doing but not got around to?
  • Write down your thoughts and feelings – get them out of your head
  • Just take one step at a time – don’t plan too far ahead
  • Spoil yourself – do something you really enjoy, or something relaxing
  • Positive self-talk – encourage yourself, tell yourself: I can do this, I am able – find an affirmation that works for you (even if you don’t believe it at first!). Write it down and memorise it for when you need it
  • Do something creative
  • Tell yourself: “This feeling will pass, it’s only temporary”. “I’ve got through this before, I can do it now”.
  • Don’t try to fulfil other’s expectations