Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy Information

You may be selected to undertake a course of laser therapy. Laser is useful for the softening of the skin and allows for better drainage. This is achieved through the changes in cells over a period of time. Lasers can also be used to ease movement e.g. to the jaw.

How does laser therapy work?
By changing the natural cells in your body it will select cells, which are not working correctly.For example, if you have thickened tissues this is due to an over production of fibroblasts; the laser can alter this over production. It also works by making the fluid easier to flow, which assists with drainage.

What happens during my treatment?
You will need to remove clothing to the area to be treated. The laser needs to have direct contact on the skin without any cream or lotion. Several areas of the skin will be treated usually for about 1 minute each with a varying treatment time from 10—20 minutes.

How often do I need to attend?
Laser treatment initially needs to be carried out 3 times a week for 2—3 weeks, following initial response the treatment sessions will be reduced to weekly, fortnightly and monthly. You may have to attend monthly for a while.

What will it feel like?
You should not feel anything but sometimes patients have re­ported a tingling or creeping effect to the skin. How long does it take to work? You may notice immediate effects from the treatment with the skin softening but at times the treatment can have an effect after a month or so.

Does treatment work for everyone?
No, unfortunately not but your therapist will evaluate your treatment and advise you on the results. Everyones bodies work differently so if there have not been any changes after a few months it is unlikely that this is the correct treatment for you.

Will I have other treatment at the same time?
It is likely that you will receive laser therapy as part of a combined treatment especially with Manual Lymphatic Drainage but sometimes it will be used alone.