Support Groups

New Cross Hospital has a group of cancer patients working with the medical staff to give their views on Cancer Treatment – Patients Advisory Cancer Team or PACT

For help in choosing a hospital for your form of Cancer treatment see My Cancer Treatment This gives the Peer Reviews on the treatment process.

We also now have a link from “Cancer Care Wolverhampton” – Head and Neck Cancer and you will get more information about New Cross Hospital from this link.

There is also an excellent page from Macmillan giving a list of cancer support groups in the area. They also run a Head & Neck discussion Forum – Head & Neck Forum

For a list of Complementary Therapies go to the Therapy Directory   . I put in the search for Wolverhampton.

There are two support groups for Stoke/Stafford Hospitals. Head & Neck is “Headcases”   and for Laryngectomees is “Lost Chord”  .