The Flight

Having done as much as possible in advance, I was still very nervous about flying longer distance for the first time since my operation. I went with my family who tried to persuade me to minimise the aggro. Thus my daughter had taken the majority of my drinks in advance and I travelled with just three bottles in my flight bag.

We arrived at the airport in good time, but huge queue at check-in. The agent must have something on her screen as she asked for me by name. However my hold luggage was under the limit due to no bottles, so smooth operation here. On to security where I tried to take out all my liquids to show the clear plastic bag, but my cabin bag was rather small and I managed to pull the plastic bag open and spill the contents all over the floor. The staff were very nice saying they often had Fortisips going through, but by then I was in a panic. Luckily nothing had burst and we managed to retrieve most things. I then forgot to take off my watch and sounded the alarm. Shoes off and into the full body scanner which revealed several objects which turned out to be nothing. A Fortisip in departure lounge (after a stiff drink) and another on board the flight.

It took me a couple of days to recover before I could enjoy the holiday which went fine as my main body of drinks was waiting for me. The return flight was less of an ordeal as the Cypriot security are less strict and did not ask me to take my liquids out of their plastic box. My family had asked me to drink my last Fortisip before I went through security as I was a 10 pm flight and I was unlikely to feel hungry.

Back home safely, but I am unsure if I will attempt again without all the help from the family.

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